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Tensile test on plastic specimen

Tensile test

The tensile test is a standardized materials testing procedure for determining yield point, tensile strength, strain at break and other characteristic values of materials. It is a quasi-static, destructive test method.

In a tensile test, standardized specimens to defined dimensions are subjected to tension until failure. The elongation and travel must be uniform, uninterrupted and increased at a low rate. During the test the force on the specimen and the extension are measured using extensometers.

Tensile tests are performed in quality assurance and research and development in virtually all industries, the most common tensile tests being those on plastics and metals.

Zwick can always supply appropriate solutions for the various tensile tests, with testing machines from 200 N to 2,500 kN available. A wide range of specimen grips is available to suit the material under test and the specifications in the standard, while various systems are available for extension measurement, including both contact and non-contact extensometers.

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