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Testing laboratory for automotive and mechanical engineering

The many and varied testing challenges in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering call for long-term experience in this area. From simple material testing to complex component testing - our test engineers' experience and support is at your call. Our machines are equipped with testing systems for static and dynamic tests on threaded fasteners, CT specimens, springs, gears, crankshafts ... Why not take advantage of our modern testing systems and our laboratory staff's long experience of the automotive industry?

Our testing service includes:

  • tensile, compression and flexure tests (including at temperature)
  • hardness tests to all established methods
  • fatigue tests and fracture mechanics
  • high-speed tests
  • biaxial and torsion tests
  • component testing

What can we test for you?


Zwick Roell Polska
Tel.  +48 42 662 10 40
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