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Więcej Informacji

(106) Materials Testing Machine 5 kN, AllroundLine

Simultaneous determination of tip cap and friction force on several parallel arranged samples

Key features:

  • Z005 TNW materials testing machine, Fmax 5 kN
  • Test speed: 0.0005 ... 3000 mm / min
  • Six-station-device for syringes, carpules and other dosing systems
  • testXpert II option ‚Expanded Traceability according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Reduce the test time by simultaneous data acquisition
  • Adaptation of different sample geometries possible
  • Fast sample change by external sample preparation Individual height adjustment Quick
  • Stamp allows alignment of the syringe plunger
  • Collecting device for escaping fluids
  • Comfortable and secure test sequence
  • Specialized testing of testXpert II available


Zwick Roell Polska
Tel.  +48 42 662 10 40