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Zwick presents two new systems for creep testing

New systems for creep testing

To further increase the effectiveness and hence the energy efficiency of power stations and turbine technology, systems are operated at ever greater pressures and temperatures. This subjects the components and materials used to increasingly high mechanical and thermal loads. Creep tests for materials characterization are indispensable in the development of new materials resistant to high temperatures. With its Kappa series, Zwick presents two new systems for determining creep and high-temperature behavior.

The design and operation of high-temperature components require material properties that are secured for the long term (standardized to ASTME 139, ISO 204 and others).

The newly developed creep test machines Kappa DS and Kappa SS have been especially developed for “short-term” creep tests of up to 10,000 hours. The Kappa DS has two spindles and is noted for its flexible test area. The Kappa SS has a central spindle and is noted for its ultra-precise alignment characteristics. Both machines allow tensile and compressive creep tests (constant load and temperature) as well as relaxation tests (constant strain and temperature).

The Kappa 50LA and Kappa 100LA have been developed for long-term tests (> 10,000 hours). The 4-column design ensures a high degree of stiffness for precise test results. The constant application of force is ensured either by the gravity of the dead weights or by a pre-tensioned spring. The patent-pending lever arm bearing ensures the precise alignment of the load strand. The elastic joints used for this work without wear. The force range of 50 or 100 kN allows the Kappa LA to be used to perform creep tests, relaxation tests, force block tests and temperature block tests.

The main test parameters in the creep test are the exact and constant mechanical and thermal loading of the specimen. These parameters are regulated by the control and measurement electronics testControl, the test software testXpert® II and an automated 3-zone high-temperature controller.

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