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Putting textiles to the test: fatigue-testing knitted fabrics

Putting textiles to the test: fatigue-testing knitted fabrics

Mattes & Ammann is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of warp and weft-knitted fabrics. The company supplies automobile manufacturers with fabrics for seats, roof headlining, rear shelves, pillars and interior trim. To satisfy high automotive quality standards, these materials are subject to extremely stringent checks, for which Mattes and Ammann rely on Zwick testing technology.

Supply contracts are often concluded years in advance, which means that the company is required to provide notification of any altered parameters. To enable them to respond quickly to customer enquiries, Mattes and Ammann have over 14 million square meters of fabric of widely varied composition in stock at any one time. The physical properties of each batch of these fabrics must be checked, making materials testing an essential component of the company’s production processes and keeping four Zwick ProLine testing machines in continuous operation.

The testing machines (Fmax 5 kN) are equipped with screw grips for easy, reliable clamping of fabric specimens. Maximum tensile force and elongation at maximum tensile force are determined to EN ISO 13934-1, with elongation measured via crosshead travel. Result evaluation and export are easy thanks to testXpert II testing software, enabling complete documentation of the testing process. “Product-related  continuous operation is possible at all times thanks to the high level of reliability and ease of operation of the Zwick testing machines,” states Mattes & Ammann Laboratory Manager Michael Bermes.


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