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Integrating customized measuring systems

Integrating customized measuring systems

A high level of automation and compatiblity with a wide range of measuring systems - Zwick's roboTest testing systems offer the best of both worlds. Automated testing systems for standard tensile, compression and impact tests provide expanded testing capacity while delivering objective, reproducible results.

The overwhelming advantage of fully automatic systems is their error-free performance of standard-compliant tests, the elimination of operator influence ensuring high test-result reproducibility. The entire test sequence is recorded by the software, with accurately saved results. The compact system arrangement means that little space is usually required, making it ideal for retrofitting to existing Zwick testing machines. As an additional benefit, high specimen throughput achieved via parallel operation of several testing machines by a robotic system plus quick test-result availability delivers cost savings in the medium term.

A wide range of options, including customized measuring systems, can be integrated into all roboTest systems. These range from a barcode or 2D code reader for definitive specimen identification to instruments for measuring specimen thickness, width, length and weight, together with surface roughness, material hardness and layer or coating thickness. Other options include optical systems for determining reduction of area, temperature chambers and spectrum analysis instruments for material characterization.

With over 25 years' experience gained from supplying more than 350 robotic testing systems to a variety of industries worldwide, Zwick can provide the right solution for all requirements from its three ranges, with tiered levels of equipment.

roboTest R is a high-end robotic testing system suitable for tensile tests on metallic specimens or tensile and flexure tests on plastics specimens, with testing machines from 5 to 2,000 kN. A 6-axis industrial robot is used to handle specimens weighing up to 30 kg, while the adjustable magazine holds up to 600 specimens, depending on size. All sequences are controlled and monitored by Zwick autoEdition2 software and testXpert II, which also take care of process visualization - displaying status information and equipment condition.


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