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Continuous loading for road surfaces – STRABAG relies on Zwick testing technology

Increased traffic levels and the impact of environmental influences mean that road asphalt is subjected to extreme loading stresses.

The composition of the high-quality, durable asphalts essential to achieving longer service life is largely determined on an empirical basis with regard to binder content, particle size distribution and void content. STRABAG uses Zwick testing technology at TPA, its center of excellence, to attain guaranteed enhanced service lifetime for asphalt.
European asphalt-mixture producers are required to test their different mixture types in accordance with unitary standard EN 12697. As well as static test methods, dynamic tests are particularly important, as asphalt used in a road pavement (surface) is subjected to dynamic loads by the tires of moving vehicles. Zwick has developed a servo-hydraulic testing system for this purpose, complete with the necessary test fixtures and suitable software. Following advanced development work in collaboration with the STRABAG TPA Association for Quality Assurance and Innovation, the testing system is now in use at their testing laboratory in Cologne, Germany.

The asphalt testing system is based around an HB 50 load frame (Fmax 50 kN). Mounted on the upper fixed crosshead is a testing actuator with hydrostatic bearings, servo valve and hydraulic accumulator unit. A load cell with accelerometer is installed on the piston rod of the actuator and a temperature chamber with cooling unit is available for temperature-controlled tests. The temperature chamber is mounted on rail guides, enabling it to be moved quickly into the testing position.
Devices and fixtures developed specially for the asphalt testing system offer flexible testing options:

  • stiffness and fatigue tests on cylindrical asphalt specimens to AL Sp-Asphalt 09 and EN 12697-24 or EN 12697-26
  • determination of deformation behavior of rolled asphalt under heat to TP Asphalt-StB Part 25B1
  • dynamic die penetration test on melted asphalt under heat to TP Asphalt-StB Part 25A1.


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