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Automotive testing: modernizing multi-channel test benches with Control Cube control electronics

Modernization solutions with Control Cube

The Control Cube servo-controller and Cubus testing software are ideal for retrofitting to existing servo-hydraulic testing systems and for multiaxial applications. Many of our customers in the automotive sector rely on this modernization solution.

Test bench for vehicle steering and suspension
This system is one of a total of four QanTiM® simulation systems supplied to IABG (Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH) in Munich, Germany, by CaTs³ in collaboration with Zwick. Each system consists of software modules and a total of 15 control channels. Three of the control systems supplied are integrated into IABG multi-channel test benches, which the company also operates for clients including BMW. During fatigue qualification these systems simulate road conditions (as found on the Nürburgring, for example) and are used to test various vehicle subsystems and components, including the entire front suspension (plus steering), brakes and light-alloy wheels.

4-poster road-simulator
Two double-channel Control Cubes were used to modernize this 4-poster road-simulator. Different road surfaces are simulated under defined operating conditions and QanTiM® guarantees accurate reproduction of actual, measured conditions. Fatigue strength tests and squeak and rattle tests are easily performed on this test bench.

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